Corrosion Protection

Industries obtain the corrosion protection that they urgently require with Cantech Global Distribution Inc.’s extensive product line. Our products provide excellent protection to the following product types, even in the most aggressive industrial environments:

  • Pipelines
  • Tanks
  • Equipment
  • Structures
  • Buildings

Cantech’s products are as environmentally friendly as they are aesthetically pleasing. Not only do they look great but you can be confident you are using an eco-friendly product.

Cantech Global Distribution Inc. works with the client and their engineers directly to provide a custom tailored solution of barrier protection to meet or exceed the anti-corrosion requirements to prevent equipment damage or loss.

Also available are certified personnel for a professional, timely and coordinated application. After installation, the training of the client’s own maintenance personnel for ongoing maintenance and inspection to ensure your equipment remains protected for years to come.

Working together in unison is the key to a successful and long lasting corrosion protection policy.

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